Greg and Jane Patterson take great pride in being the 5th generation owners of Patterson Century Farms in Bloomington Wisconsin. The couple currently owns a 560 acre farm that first came into the family in 1877. The farm has approximately 400 acres tillable and currently raises hogs, beef and commercial crops. Greg admits that the farm never really operated as a dairy farm but recalls having to milk a cow by hand for the milk that the family drank as a child.

Greg like some other “Farm Family of the Month” recipients was one of 15 students to be part of the very first class at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College’s “Farm Op.” program. Greg tells that a couple of his classmates have passed on and some are no longer involved in farming but the majority still keep in touch and enjoy their careers in farming that they started over 40 years ago.

Jane’s first farm experiences came with meeting her husband Gregg. Jane a native of Bloomington was no stranger to hard work though. Here father Roy Hermsen was one of the most liked and respected businessmen in the area and Jane and her siblings all worked very hard at the families hardware store or at one of the other family businesses.

Gregg and Jane raised three children on the farm Michael, Carolyn and Christine. Carolyn is the mother of the Gregg and Jane’s first grandchild Isaac Christian. Christine is a school teacher and Michael is working toward being the 6th generation Patterson on Patterson Century Farms.

Gregg and Jane were married in 1980, built their new home on the farm in 1982 and since then have continually strived to improve the buildings and land that make this farm the great place that it is today.