Heartsong Bracelet

By: BJChristian Designs



This piece is flowing with Joyful Heart centered energies with it's combination of stones. Rhodonite (dark pink) fosters compassion, love and generosity. Rose Quartz (light pink) radiates self-love and emotional healing. Rainforest Jasper (green) connects one to nature and the joy of life and physical experience. It opens ones heart to Earth-healing and renewal. Pearls are emotionally soothing, it gifts one with the energies of purity and personal integrity. Each bracelet is unique and includes a signed tag with description of materials and special properties. ***Bracelet Sizing: Please indicate on the "Add Comments About Your Order" section during checkout what the measurement of your wrist is. To size use a soft tape measure and give the measurement at the wrist bone, not the bracelet size you usually wear. Note the measurement to the closest 1/4". If you do not have a soft tape measure, use a string and then measure the string with a ruler. If you are ordering for a gift and cannot measure, please indicate if the recipient has a small, average, or a large wrist. Please remember free sizing is available up to 3 months after purchase.