Aquamarine Pendant

By: BJChristian Designs



Two barrel-shaped Aquamarine stones with traditional sterling silver spacer between. All of the wire is Argentium Sterling Silver. Approximately 2 1/8" long. Aquamarine means water of the sea". In ancient lore it is said to be the treasure of mermaids, and was used to bring good luck and protection to sailors. It is the main stone of the Water element, powerful cleanser of the emotional body, and possibly the best stone for clearing communication by activating the throat chakra. It stimulates the area between the heart and throat allowing one to speak their most heartfelt truth, and to overcome fears of speaking. It brings empowerment through calmness and not through force. Aquamarine assists one to gently release negative thought patterns and grief over the loss of a loved one while still holding a positive connection to the loved one's spirit. Aquamarine is truly a gift from our precious Earth. Each piece is unique and includes a signed tag with description of materials and special properties.